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The Background of Grant Transport

Grant Transport is thriving today due to the determination of the man who started the business in 1972, and who continues to guide its growth. It is a classic success story of someone who followed his dream.
Grant Jutzi knew from the time he was seven years old that he wanted to work with trucks. At ten, he could tell the horsepower of any given tractor. His first job was driving for a local company, before becoming a certified mechanic. His dream was to operate a transportation business. This focus and tenacity has carried through to the business he does today, three decades later.

Self-reliance has also become a cornerstone for the company. When starting out with only a 1964 F840 Ford tractor, and a 1965 T800 straight truck, Grant sold his house and moved his family into an apartment in order to invest in the future of Grant Transport. The investment has paid off and so has the investments of hard work and resolve, for Grant Transport has grown to include over 125 power units, 300 trailers and terminals that dot the landscape across Canada and the United States.

Throughout the years of growth, Grant has maintained two irrefutable rules for his company. In his own words: "do unto others as you would like them to do for you", and, "the more you put into the business, the more you get out". The words reverberate through everything that Grant Transport endeavours to do. The success of the company is built on these premises. By putting these principles into practice, the dream of a young boy has become reality.

After over 30 years of heading the Grant Transport, Grant Jutzi was stepping down as president. His daughter Julie Jutzi assumed ownership of the company the week of March 11th, 2002. Most recently Jeff Jutzi, Grants oldest son returned and acquiring joint ownership. Julie is very happy to be working with her brother."

Grant is maintaining a presence in the business as the succession takes place. Most business practice will remain the same for the time being, but a few new appointments have been made to accommodate the change. They are: Julie Jutzi as President and Jeff Jutzi as Vice-President.